Rules for Oxygen Use at Home

    KO2 Sign
  1. Oxygen does not burn however it does support combustion, and will increase the rate at which flammable materials burn.
  2. Do not smoke or allow anyone near you to smoke when equipment is operating. No Smoking should occur in the same room as the equipment is operating or where the tanks are stored. In a public place try to stay at least ten feet away from any person who is smoking.
  3. Oxygen equipment and tubing should be kept away from heat sources (stoves, ovens, space heaters), open flames (fireplaces, candles, gas stoves) and anything that could possibly create a spark (electric razor).
  4. Highly flammable materials such as oils and petroleum-based products must be kept away from oxygen source (Vaseline).
  5. If using oxygen cylinders, make sure that they are securely restrained from being knocked over.
  6. Do not place liquids on top of the concentrator as spillage could cause hazardous problems.
  7. Care should be taken to avoid kinked tubing.
  8. If using liquid oxygen, read carefully the literature provided to prevent frost bite injury.
  9. Oxygen warning signs should be posted on the door or window, so that they are visible from the outside.
  10. Should you have any equipment that malfunctions, or you suspect is defective, contact Kingston Oxygen Home Health Care Centre.