Home Oxygen

Oxygen is present in the air we breathe. It is all around us. But some of us need a little extra. This may be due to a chronic illness such as COPD or something more acute, such as severe migraine headaches. The staff at Kingston Oxygen have been supplying medical oxygen to the community for over 40 years. We were the first in the Kingston area to deliver medical oxygen to clients in their homes. Why not allow all that experience to work for you?
A full array of oxygen equipment is at our disposal, from liquid oxygen systems to pulse-dose cylinders, from stationary oxygen concentrators to state of the art portable oxygen concentrators. This assortment of equipment allows us to tailor each client's oxygen system to their specific needs. Each client is also followed by a Registered Health Professional and a Medical Gas Technician. Our team approach ensures that each client is comfortable with the equipment in their home through one-on-one teaching and client-centered follow-up. Contact our friendly staff to learn more about our services and if oxygen would be beneficial to you.